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Anna Carina Fleischhacker


Anna Carina Fleischhacker, artist from Burgenland, was born in Eisenstadt in 1971 and lives together with her family
in the township of Pamhagen in the Lake Neusiedl area.

After years of working at the University of Vienna in the department for Music, Anna Carina Fleischhacker decided to dedicate herself to art and set up the project „Creativity and Art – Seewinkel“.
The setting up a studio and gallery in Podersdorf am See as well as in Pamhagen in 2002 by Anna Carina Fleischhacker marked the beginning of the project „Creativity and Art – Seewinkel“ . The project sees itself as a platform for art and culture.
In addition to holding numerous art and creativity classes for young and old,the idea is to market the art of participating artists.

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